suzanne & abdel rahman: san ramon wedding

back in december 2010, i was unhappy that i had to miss suzanne's actual wedding ceremony at home in north carolina. i had known suzanne and her little brother farris since farris was my fourth-grade student, back in my super-brief teaching days at al-iman school in raleigh; suzanne was a couple of grades ahead of him, but at such a small school where i knew half the parents anyway, i knew her there as well. this was in the late 1990's - after i moved to maryland in 2000, i didn't see much of suzanne at all again until meeting her at our friend yasmin's wedding last year. she'd grown into such a graceful, calm-spirited, lovely young woman... hopefully you can see some of that in these pictures, which were taken at the reception given by the groom's side of the family at crow canyon country club in danville, california (near san ramon), earlier this month. suzanne was breathtaking as a bride, and these two as a couple kinda made me melt.suzanne, it was such a joy to see you so happy there, and i'm SO glad i was able to see you again - being the one to actually photograph your day was just the icing on the cake :) thank you, both of you and your families, for everything! suzanne wears hijab (the islamic headscarf), so i will not be sharing any of the images we took without her hijab on. here's a selection of portraits and candids from other parts of the day and evening! and, many thanks again to the fantastic vida carson from philadelphia, who just happened to be in the bay area at the same time as me and spent a good portion of her last day in california shooting this wedding with me!