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modest lily - fashion line photography

here's a bit of a departure from my usual work! i've had the pleasure this year of working with a dear friend of mine who is in the process of realizing a business dream of her own - to start a fashionable, modest clothing line. tasnuva khan started modest lily just a few months ago, as a way to respond to her own concerns and the concerns of many of our friends...

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ashraful & sofia - virginia wedding photography

one of the things i love the most about this job is being welcomed into groups of friends as individuals in the group get married over the years. i first met ashraful back in 2010 at my friend yasmin's wedding - only my second year of business, and he was a friend of yasmin's husband tyseer. a year later, i saw him again in california, at osman and lubna's beautiful bay area wedding in the summer of 2011. aaaand then again in the summer of 2013…

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omar & ola - wedding

shooting a wedding in my hometown is always a delight - to be around people who have known me since long before i ever picked up a camera is just plain fun (they've had my camera in their faces for years... way before i ever thought of starting a business). but it's particularly special for me to be chosen to photograph the wedding of two people i myself have known since they were young'uns…

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