modest lily - fashion line photography


here's a bit of a departure from my usual work! i've had the pleasure this year of working with a dear friend of mine who is in the process of realizing a business dream of her own - to start a fashionable, modest clothing line. tasnuva khan started modest lily just a few months ago, as a way to respond to her own concerns and the concerns of many of our friends about the difficulty of finding fashionable clothing - particularly maxi dresses with long sleeves - that is also comfortable to wear. and by comfortable, i mean both easy to wear, and easy to feel comfortably covered up in. tasnuva's been working so hard and it's wonderful to see her ideas and designs coming to fruition, and even better, to be able to wear them :) i'm particularly in love with the full-length lace dusters! so you'll see me below in the burgundy one, over a new york & company dress, and also in the "blue midnight" dress. i've also got the super-comfy athletic wear and nowwwww i just need to start working out again, so i can use them!if it had to be just tasnuva and i posing in these clothes, we wouldn't have gotten very far - we had the invaluable help of models kola (also a makeup artist!), shima, uzma, marwa, and tess - you ladies made all of this possible and were so sweet to work with! and you're all stinking gorgeous <3 please go check out modest lily for a unique and lovely addition to the growing body of independent, modest fashion designers across the globe!