fuad & trish: long island wedding

remembering fuad and trishita's beautiful summer wedding in long island last month, i can't help thinking smugly that i DO have the most stunning brides in the world as my clients! when trish stepped out of her golf-cart transport to join us for a midday portrait session, in the gardens at crest hollow country club in woodbury, i think my second shooter shari deangelo and i were a bit enchanted - trish looked like she'd stepped off the screen from a classical indian movie. lucky dude you are, fuad :) but i also remember the intensely amusing, hard-core haggling that went on in the traditional bangladeshi rituals of the "gate" - preventing the groom from entering the hall until he pays up - and the groom's shoe-stealing, which has a similar outcome, the moving poem that trish's mom read out loud about her daughter, the incredible viennese dessert table (complete with sparklers and chocolate fondue fountain - see below!) and so much more that made this wedding beautifully memorable for everyone, even shari and i as photographers.fuad and trish, i can't thank you enough for the honor of being a part of your wedding and i pray you are both blessed in your marriage as you move forward in your new life together! and shari - who, by the way, is someone i admire tremendously as a photographer and i still can't believe she seconded with me - thank you for your invaluable support on all levels!