saad & mahroo's wedding

at looong last i have wedding picture to post! i had the honor of being the second shooter at this wedding for S2S Photography, whose owner, saad syed, was the groom. saad's assistant sara j. haddad was the primary photographer, and the two of us had way too much fun shooting this wedding with each other and among friends! if only all our shooting experiences could be this stress-free... well, as much as shooting a wedding can ever be!a few notes: for the portraits, saad actually set up the lighting himself. i shot with my canon 5d and for the most part with my tamron 28-70 on, although i tried out the 85 1.2 (oh my!) that sara had rented; i had a 580ex on my hotshoe and generally bounced it either forward or backward, depending on where i was standing, and controlled flash output manually (now THAT was a learning experience!). i can't thank sara and saad and mahroo enough for this opportunity!