another old travel pics post

i'm in NC right now, visiting my parents! actually i am here to second shoot a wedding on saturday evening... but came down early to give my parents some more time with my son.i'm VERY excited about this second shooting opportunity, but i will share all that in my next post! for now, i thought i would keep the momentum up with another post sharing some images from our last trip to england, back in april 2008. these are, of course, taken with the rebel xt and my old sigma 28-70 lens, and occasionally the 70-200 as well. but anyway. my husband and i have made three trips to the UK in the five-plus years of our marriage; this was musa's first trip. i'm a tiny bit anglophilic and obsessively celtophilic (basically england is cool because it's so close to scotland), but we also have family and friends who take lavish care of us when we go - it's always, always a wonderful time. without further ado, my favorite shots from the trip...

flying into europe - over the west coast of ireland! even from this high up, it's one of the most beautiful countries i've ever seen. a home for my heart.

an asian sunday market in - i want to say - oh, i can't say, i can't remember. one of the many mid-england cities filled with desis - indians and pakistanis, etc., etc. the guy in the foreground looking a little conscious is my husband's cousin's husband trying not to be in the picture... :)

at castle hill... a local landmark of sorts in huddersfield.

sunset viewed from castle hill:

at my husband's cousin's house, my son eating crisps - not chips - with a distant relation of similar size :)

said cousin's eldest daughter got married in pakistan this past summer. but i persuaded her to let me take some shots of her in her dress, which she already had with her. she did her own makeup - very talented young woman!

they took us for a bit of sightseeing... we ended up here, at skipton castle (i had to google for a while before i found the name that sparked my memory!), and in castles i always take too many window shots...


musa in a castle window, for a little variety? oh, what i wouldn't give to do a bridal shoot in a place like this...

alright, so after a few days in the midlands, we traveled to bristol to stay a few days with my own cousin, and they took us on a trip into wales - to oakwood theme park, in pembrokeshire. here on the bus is musa with relatives he was meeting for the first time:

just some trees i liked:

my cousin's older daughter and my son:

playing with my 70-200 - not always as sharp as i like, but it did the trick here!

how they still keep warm in england! (we traveled back to huddersfield for the final days of our trip)

and finally, something from the flight home: somewhere over very far northern north america, but i couldn't tell you where for the life of me...