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khadeeja & zain - kingsmill resort wedding

we’re about a month away from khadeeja and zain’s one-year anniversary, and i’ve been meaning to blog their gorgeous wedding at kingsmill resort in williamsburg, va., pretty much since it happened; but between trying to update my website last year and just getting through wedding season…

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fatimah & aamir - mehndi and shaadi photography

fatimah and aamir’s wedding in the spring of 2017 was one of the most memorable of my career, for so many reasons! i had met aamir refai back in 2011 when i photographed his older sister lubna’s wedding in 2011 - his family is from northern california, so the refai events were all held there, in the bay area. he and his sister both married folks from maryland…

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ahmed & zara - walima, new jersey

i've been waiting to share some of my favorite images from this remarkable walima that i also shot last fall at the merion in new jersey, with the help of soon-to-be california photographer vida carson. it was certainly a first for me to photograph the bride and groom entering the wedding hall itself by classic car…

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