khurrum & erum - raleigh wedding portraits

these two! mashallah. a little background here: i've known khurrum's family since i was young; they are super dear to my heart, and his older sister sumrien is one of my childhood BFFs. khurrum got married to this sweetheart of a lady in may; just to clarify, i did NOT shoot their wedding ceremony, or groom's side reception (walima), which was photographed by the lovely and talented janan sarwar, but i got together with them at khurrum's house the day before the walima to take some family portraits, after which we spent some time at the north carolina museum of art in raleigh to take some shots of just the two of them, a few of which i've shared here. khurrum and erum, thanks so much for taking the time to get dolled up two days in a row, for being patient with me at the museum (i wish we'd had more time!) and just for being awesome people :)