azmina & joseph - new cumberland, pa mehndi

i have to say i'm pretty lucky to always be welcomed so kindly by my clients and their families, but azmina and joe truly made me feel like part of their wedding celebration alongside their families and friends. i really hope their warmth and joy come through in these photos; here are a few images from the first of the two nights i photographed, the mehndi night. there are a few traditions here that were new even for me - the grinding of the spices as a "race" between four of azmina's relatives (and the silly string!), as well as the placing of the different cloths around azmina by her family members; there were also some customs that i've experienced many times, like the stealing of the groom's shoes. all of these rituals expressed the love and blessing of azmina and joe's families for the start of their new life together; they also managed to have so much fun with these rituals that i couldn't help but have a blast taking photos of them, too! thanks again, azmina and joe, for having me there, and stay tuned for their wedding photos from the following day!