hiba and sajid: walima

finally, here's the third and last of hiba and sajid's wedding events! it's always fun for me to shoot in north carolina, my home state, but this was actually the first time (in memory, at least) that i'd been to an event in greensboro. still, i saw a lot of familiar faces, including the videographer, prashant, who along with his wife, jasmine, helped me really get my start in wedding photography when i "uncle bobbed" all my friends' weddings back in the day with my little manual minolta x700. i also got to meet hiba's ridiculously talented makeup artist, the greensboro-based haya qureshi - don't take my word for it, check out hiba's stunning eyes in these pictures!i always enjoy, at a walima - which is the reception given by the groom's side of the family - watching the groom get the same attention the bride got at the shaadi. because it's usually a lot more embarrassing :) and yes, sajid's older brother majid had even me cracking up during his speech (notice the look sajid is giving him in the relevant picture, below!). everything about this walima was warm and welcoming, and this time it was sophie - sajid's beautiful little niece - who stole the show, taking all the attention on the dance floor with her moves! we also got treated to a reprise, spur-of-the-moment performance of "i gotta feeling," which will always be with me every time i hear that song now. i had a wonderful time - working with families over the course of several events truly makes them feel like friends, and i feel so blessed to have been a part of this incredible celebration. hiba and sajid... hopefully see you around very soon inshallah! here's hoping that you two, together, are always having "the time of your life" :)