hiba and sajid: shaadi

i spent this past weekend in north carolina, and saturday night in greensboro, for the third and last of hiba and sajid's wedding events - the walima - but before i get to those pictures, here's a selection from the shaadi, held the day after the mehndi/nikah, at the beautiful westfields marriott in chantilly, virginia. the decor, again, was put together by the amazing prabha bhambri of nivanjoli.i've said already how much i was touched and impressed by the creative planning of hiba's friends and family; this night, they completely blew the crowd away with a surprise choreographed performance of the black-eyed peas' "i gotta feeling," after the bride and groom's first dance. but the show was also utterly stolen by sajid's adorable baby nephew, hamza, who not only was not bothered by wearing a mini full pakistani groom's regalia, but seemed to even enjoy the attention it drew. sajid is a doting uncle to both his nephew and niece; the joy they brought to his wedding was plain on his face every time he looked at them. and, of course, nobody could be unmoved by the way he looked at his new wife! it's the kind of thing, really, that keeps us wedding photographers coming back for more - witnessing the love between hiba and sajid, and experiencing along with their families the sense of blessing that pervaded their ceremonies. hiba and sajid, even though i only met you guys when you got engaged, i have been so happy to be there at the start of your journey together, and so honored to be the one to capture it. you are truly blessed in each other, and in each other's families, and i pray that God continues to bless you this way in all the years to come.