saad and mahroo: family-to-be session

i shot them and he shot us :)... or, my husband and i got together with the madly talented husband-wife team at s2s photography, whose wedding i helped shoot back in february of 2009, and we took pictures of each other's families. now, mahroo, with whom i grew up in the raleigh muslim community, is expecting their first child next month. i couldn't be more excited to see these two become parents, inshallah! i must add that these two met us (at the j.c. raulston arboretum in raleigh) the morning after shooting a loooong wedding, so, saad and mahroo, i thank you for being troupers and coming out to meet us anyway!my family's shoot is up on s2s's blog here. can't wait to meet your baby inshallah! :)