the ameen family: maryland portrait photography

i've been a part of maryland's muslim community for ten years now, so it's always pleasant - though not so much a surprise anymore - to find out i sort of already know my clients when i first meet with them. i'm sure i have seen mahvish and her sisters at some local masjids or community events on and off for a few years; but now i've actually met them! and it was absolutely my pleasure to get to know them at their family portrait session, and meet the rest of their lovely family as well. their parents and grandfather were very kind (and kind of adorable... please see below!); the three boys, like brothers will always be, and the girls? well, all i can say is i'm blessed to have the most beautiful clients ever, mashallah!we met in the early evening at the beautiful mccrillis gardens in bethesda, maryland - a beautifully quiet, open park with meandering, sweetly-perfumed garden trails curving around the historic mccrillis house. most of the azaleas have already faded, but we were able to find a few splashes of color here and there. mahvish, and the rest of the family: thank you so much for trusting me to capture portraits of your family! i hope to see you all again soon inshallah; in the meantime, i hope you enjoy these :)