maryam: one month old

when sara contacted me about taking maryam's one-month-old pictures, i couldn't believe it had already been a month since i shot her aqeeqa! it was so amazing to see how much she had changed already! she started off with plenty of smiles and she really seemed to like the camera... at first, at least. we had a great time, but we wore her out - as you'll see at the bottom of the post. i had forgotten how expressive and curious even such young babies can be - and i finally got to hold her this time! i'm so excited to be able to not only see, but to capture the changes as maryam goes through the incredible journey of a baby's first year of life. plus, i get to hang out with her mom at least once a month!since we did this shoot at my house, because i'm currently carless, we did have to negotiate around my son and his toys; in the end i tried to have musa lie down for a few portraits too - so... i'm just gonna throw a couple of those in at the bottom, too :) here she is: