family time: "wings of fancy" with the boys

last week my parents were here, and we took my son and nephew to "the butterfly house" - actually known as the wings of fancy exhibit at brookside gardens in wheaton, md., where i've done a few photoshoots, too. my nephew wanted to go so badly, but he ended up being not so happy with all these bugs - for bugs they are! - flying about him! still, it's a magical place, with the bright flowers, the scent of overripe fruit and the still, humid air, and jeweled wings fluttering all around you. i hadn't taken personal pictures in so long... but i do try to take pictures of these two boys when they're together, for my parents. i didn't have my long lens with me, so no real closeups of the butterflies... but a few shots i liked! after the exhibit we just sat on benches in the gardens to feed the flushed, sweaty boys their snacks (well, at least my nephew... mine doesn't like to eat, and yes, he's said so himself), and then went home. it was a beautiful day, so i just wanted to share some of these pictures here... IMG_0411









what happens when i ask issa to "make funny faces for the camera"... :) comp3