lena & farhaan - mehndi


THESE TWO. this image is from the first night of their three-day wedding extravaganza last fall; the exuberant joy, love, and the general good-time-having you see here pretty much encapsulates what all three days were like. i met lena at her brother’s engagement ceremony the previous winter, and then met farhaan at lena’s own engagement just about a month later; and the rest is, well, going to be in the next three blog posts. a colleague of mine once said that great people have great weddings, and i told this to lena and farhaan at the end of day 3… each day was planned with love and thoughtfulness, not just for celebrating the two of them, but for the enjoyment of all the family and friends who came to celebrate with them. every bit of it was truly memorable, because there was genuine heart and soul in every aspect. i know i keep saying it, but i feel so so lucky to have been chosen to do my part, and so excited to share the results with you all. <3 here are some highlights from lena and farhaan’s mehndi!