hiba & tamoore - north carolina wedding photography

so here i am, catching up on a few years’ worth of blog posts! i’m going to be posting a handful of blog entries sharing weddings and portraits from over the past few years, in no particular order, before i start catching up with 2018… hopefully before the end of 2018. welcome to my new site! the first story i want to share here is one of the most important to me because i’ve known hiba all her life, and also i was her fourth grade teacher, and she’s just the sweetest, kindest, smartest young woman, who also happens to be an IG queen and talented photographer herself. hiba’s three-day wedding took place over the weekend of my birthday and my older son’s birthday in 2017; being a raleigh wedding, it was chock full of people i love whom i have known most of my life, and people who have watched me grow up. on the walima day, we got to take afternoon portraits in coker arboretum at my alma mater, UNC-chapel hill, surrounded by spring sunshine and a profusion of flowers and a wealth of memories for me. on top of it all, during stage portraits i got a text telling me that one of my best friends had just given birth to a baby girl and named her ayesha… so yeah i was an emotional mess the whole weekend. i have some wonderful memories of that weekend and here are a few of them :) love you lots hibs!!

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