sunaina & rahil - baltimore walima photography


more than half of january has passed - happy new year everyone! - but between finishing up this wedding, getting out all my fall and winter wedding final products, and wrapping up high school applications for the kid who was 2 when i started this business… here are some highlights, finally, from the third and final day of sunaina and rahil’s beautiful, memorable, amazing wedding weekend that i still get excited about remembering because they and their families were just SO delightful to work with. my endless gratitude to angel kidwell again because my favorite parts of this day would not have been possible without her help and enthusiasm and talent - the photo above, with a blue-gelled light behind them and adam with the video lights , and my first-ever flash composite portrait of rahil and his groomsmen a few photos down. and of course, rahil and sunaina’s sparkler exit! what an exhilarating and fantastic weekend - i’m so glad i got to meet you two. “thanks” doesn’t cut it, for the opportunity to be a part of all this <3

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