sunaina & rahil - engagement & mehndi photography


three-day weddings can be exhausting for everyone involved, besides being a ton of fun, but paradoxically i felt less tired each day of sunaina and rahil’s gorgeous wedding weekend. i can only really attribute this to getting to know them and their families a little bit more each day, and feeling like part of the family by the end of it all. when everyone puts their hearts into each element of a wedding like this, it can only be amazing. i’m so excited to share this - each day was so beautiful, the people were so beautiful, everything worked out in the best ways <3

so we actually had our first shoot the day before the mehndi, for some engagement/pre-wedding fall portraits at patapsco valley state park; i’ve shared a few of those photos here before some highlights from the mehndi, which had one of the most colorful, elaborate stages i’ve ever seen. also - feather-and-floral centerpieces! the mehndi was held at the BWI hilton; sunaina was carried in by rahil’s friends on a mini-palanquin, and after some traditional rasms (rituals like laying garlands, feeding sweets, applying symbolic henna, etc) there was plenty of dancing. it was such a great start to the weekend. stay tuned for days 2 (shaadi) and 3 (walima)!

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