rabia chaudry - portraits at diyanet center


earlier this summer, i had the pleasure of meeting up with the one and only rabia chaudry for portraits and headshots at one of my favorite maryland locations, the diyanet center of america. rabia doesn't need much introduction, but i'll just say i've admired her for a long time: a mother of two, attorney, founder of the CVE training firm Safe Nation Collaborative, fearless activist, fellow at so many institutes i can't name them all, and capable of making some pretty mean parathas and beef samosas (among the top 10 of the many, many culinary ways to my heart). it's no surprise she's adding "author" to her list of accomplishments - adnan's story details the story of rabia's friend, adnan syed, whose murder trial and conviction were the subject of the first season of the record-breaking podcast serial in 2014, and is going to be released in less than a week on august 9. you can find out more about the baltimore barnes & noble book release here, and see some of the photos we took, including the headshot for the book, at rabia's amazon author page.