zahir & maggie - baltimore mehndi

it's always such an honor for me to have the opportunity to photograph a second wedding in the same family. so when nabila, whose wedding i photographed in 2011, contacted me to see if i was available for her brother's wedding this summer, i was super excited. they are the kindest family, and zahir's wedding promised to be unforgettable. it was my pleasure to meet the lovely maggie on the first night of the two-day wedding, at the mehndi at zahir's family's home in baltimore. at this traditional event, the women and men celebrated separately, with the men going to a local restaurant to share entertainment and dinner. after spending time with the ladies through some traditional rituals - applying henna (mehndi) designs, feeding the bride sweets, etc., - i spent a little time with the guys, in what was possibly the most entertaining experience i've ever had at a mehndi, with comedy hypnotist matt davis making me laugh so hard i could barely hit the shutter button. still not sure how much of it was real - but it was certainly hilarious! please enjoy these images of the good times had by all :) stay tuned for the wedding photos from the following day - starring aladdin the camel!