gagan & vanu - raleigh engagement


when i heard gagan was getting married this year... i felt old!! gagan's oldest sister is my college bff - my sakhi - and he was only 14 when i met him and the rest of their family in the good old days. and here he is now, all grown up and engaged to this glowing, smart young woman. vanu is amazing, and it was a delight to see how happy these two are together. the wedding will be in virginia, where vanu's family lives, but we met up in gagan's (and my) hometown of raleigh, nc, to take some engagement photos - we started off at the north carolina museum of art and then moved on to j.c. raulston arboretum on a beautiful summer afternoon. stay tuned for the wedding later this summer! vanu - so happy to meet you :) all my love to the bindras - can't wait to celebrate with you all!!