rashad & sana: walima

i met rashad and sana at the end of their wedding journey, as the photographer for their walima (the reception given by the groom's side, and often the final event in a pakistani wedding). but i felt like part of the family by the end of the night... sometimes, weddings in our culture can get so hectic, planned around various rituals and family events, that it's hard to catch a glimpse of the heart of it all: the love between the bride and groom. not so with rashad and sana. these two are so. freaking. cute. together... i still smile when i'm going through their portraits!but i have to say, it was more than "just" the couple that made this night so special - everything from the speeches, to the crazy group poses during stage formals, to the incredible organizational and decoration skills of rashad's sister-in-law, maryam (girl, you have a future in wedding coordination, if you're interested!) and the jaw-dropping stage setup by the ever-amazing prabha bhambri... everything spoke of the love rashad and sana's families bore for the couple, and of the families' and friends' heartfelt prayers for their new life together. it was such a pleasure to be welcomed so warmly into the midst of all this, not only for myself but my amazing second shooter and dear friend, sara haddad (without whom i would not have made it through the night!) rashad and sana - looking forward to our upcoming portrait session inshallah, and i pray that God blesses your marriage - that the happiness you shared on june 11 grows every day for the rest of your lives together. i'm so happy to have met you guys!