new sample album: flush mount

hi and welcome to 2011... about a month late! i've been taking a bit of a breather, spending time with my family and trying to figure out a plan for my son's education (kindergarten next year! so hard to believe!). in the meantime, though, i recently received a sample album i've been waiting a very long time to finally hold in my hands, because i first started thinking about it early last spring when i was booked for saba and ahad's wedding, this past summer in new york. desi wedding, gorgeous couple, outdoors in a beautiful venue on a bright summer's day... i knew it would be smashing, and perfect for the sample flush mount album i wanted to be able to show clients. i designed it as a 10X10, 60-side book, although i also offer this in a 12X12 size with any number of sides under 60. the album absolutely surpassed my expectations: solidly constructed and carefully handbound in cherry-red leather with a vertical metal cameo print embedded in the cover and silver foil imprinting on the spine; printed on archival quality photographic paper meant to endure with true-to-image color... this album is THE best i can offer to preserve your memories of your wedding day for a lifetime. there are a wide variety of cover options of the highest quality, so your wedding album can be truly unique to you. please take a look! you'll see here images of the cover, spine, binding closed and laying open flat, panoramic spreads, center crease, page texture and thickness, and... of course... at the bottom, a bit of why i had such a challenge trying to actually take these pictures :)