sabrina and matt: day-after session

well... three days after, to be exact. on the day of the wedding, as weddings never quite go exactly as planned, we didn't get a chance to do some of the outdoor, natural-light portraits we had hoped to capture, so we decided to meet during the week, before the newlyweds were to fly back to england.we met up in georgetown, close to where sabrina and matt were staying in washington, d.c., and just walked down m street - and down to the waterfront - to some of the neighborhood's most beautiful spots. it was a gorgeous morning - but it was hot, not to mention being the first day of ramadan. so, sabrina and matt, i have to thank you profusely for being possibly the most patient clients i've ever had, in walking around for more than an hour in that heat to get these images... apart from being patient with the various photographic techniques (for the geeks - freelensing, and the "brenizer method") that i was practicing on you! thanks - once again - for everything.