canon 85 1.8: new lens

just a few shots from today, which i took soon after my new lens came in the mail! this is the canon 85mm 1.8, a portrait lens just a little more affordable than its "L" cousin, the 85 1.2, which i rented a couple of months ago and really, really enjoyed. if you know me, you know that my favorite lens for weddings is canon's 35mm 1.4L, which is so versatile and reliable and gorgeous that i could easily just shoot a whole wedding with that alone... but for portraits, i wanted something a little closer, a little more intimate, but with similar qualities of color, clarity and background "bokeh"... if you know what i mean. so i had some fun with this today - on my everpresent subjects: musa, his toys and the flowers outside.i also played around on a few of the images with some premade photoshop "actions" i've been meaning to try out for a while... i generally don't process my pictures very heavily, but sometimes an image benefits from the effects added by a unique black-and-white conversion, or the timelessness evoked by nostalgic tinting and fading. i don't trust myself to do it very often, but... like i said, just playing. hope you enjoy these!