yasmin & tyseer: walima | minneapolis wedding photography

i think these two have set a record for the number of events held to celebrate their union - six or seven over the course of two years, mashallah! but this was the very last of them, and now the partying is over and married life truly begins :)the walima is the reception traditionally given by the groom's side of the family, so this event took place in minneapolis, where tyseer grew up with his two brothers. downtown minneapolis was busy, warm and bright on this weekend - the radisson plaza hotel was the perfect place to host the last of "tysmin's" wedding celebrations, and extended family and friends gathered from across the country to join in. yasmin - who wore a white dress and a dark blue and red lehnga at her wedding, to honor the arab and pakistani aspects of her heritage - this time donned a stunning red-and-gold sari, wrapped expertly by her mother-in-law, to honor the new bengali side of her family. what with the speeches, dancing and antics of the bride and groom's friends, i don't think anyone missed out on a good time - not even the photographer. but even more than that, i am profoundly grateful for how welcome i was made by tyseer's family in minneapolis and how kindly i was taken care of. thank you SO MUCH, auntie taslima and the rest of your family, for making me feel like part of your family, too - and yasmin and tyseer, thank you both for trusting me to capture your wedding and allowing me into your lives. i can't wait to see more of you guys when you move closer to my neck of the woods!