just had to share a few shots from trying to deal with the craziest snowstorm in about a century this weekend! i took some shots early saturday morning (feb. 6), then once we (all three of us!) went out to shovel the driveway, which was... for me at least... a herculean effort. it's been such a long time since i've had such a physical job to do, which i wanted so badly to stop but had to go on :) the sudden clearing of the sky just in time for sunset was magical, and today (sunday) of course it was bright and sunny, and not frightfully cold while the sun was out. in order to make the snowman, i waded to the middle of our front yard, dug up the head of the completely buried snowman from last week's snow, and gave it to my husband to construct snowman number two. i'm dreading the shoveling that might be necessary with the storm expected tuesday and wednesday... but i still love the snow!