an extraordinary baby shower

so, maryam and modassir are family friends; modassir was slugging relentlessly through law school and working full-time while my brother and i were gallivanting undergraduates, all together at UNC Chapel Hill in the early 90s, and maryam joined our north carolina community from far, cold michigan about 10 years ago (i hope that's right maryam!). anyway! at long last, this couple - always a beautiful example to those around them of a loving, happy marriage - is expecting a midsummer addition to their family, and their generous circle of friends threw one GLAM baby shower on june 6th. maryam herself is known for organizing fantastic parties, and so her friends decided to give back to her in similar fashion: the result was a red-carpet extravaganza with the close-knit feel of a "chill" evening at a friend's house. the organizers and guests poured their hearts into making it an amazing night, and when i was asked to take the pictures, i wanted to capture not only the emotion of the evening, but all the details of the labor of love - pun intended! - maryam and modassir's friends put forth.if i'm on your facebook, you've probably already seen all of these images, but i chose a few of my favorites to share here in larger format!