springtime with my budding photographer

i guess every child goes through this imitation phase as a toddler - but i can't help being thrilled with musa's interest in holding my old film SLR properly, looking through the viewfinder properly, and taking pictures of everything just like his mama!just had to share these for now - i'll be posting more from drew and syd's wedding very soon! the first post from their wedding is just below.

this last series is one that makes me SO happy: we had been practicing writing the letter "H" a couple of days before; he hasn't shown much skill with deliberate writing or drawing yet, so i was really just playing around with him. this day, he just sat down in the playroom with his magna-doodle-thing, made this gigantic, lopsided "H" and said, "mama, look! i made an 'H'!" after that, he erased it and made a smaller one - then "took a picture" of it, since that's what i was doing!