great falls with musa

i first started visiting great falls park in great falls, va regularly in the winter of 2002 - i would go every weekend to hike by myself, and before they put up the fences around the riverside rocks i would go clambering over the rocks to water's edge, fascinated even in the winter weather by blue snow shelves, clear stalagmites of ice and other things i could only see then and there. in hot, dry weather i used to rock-hop nearly to the middle of the river above the falls and sit with my journal or camera and do what i did even though it's a little more of a drive now, i have taken musa out there a couple of times. monday was unseasonably warm, so we met with a friend for a playdate there - unfortunately we got there just as the warmth was waning, and the snowmelt-mud and chilling air made it less fun than it should have been! still, i knocked off a few pictures, and here they are with yet another iteration of my watermark efforts... enjoy!