bridal walk teaser

i hate the term "teaser" because it sounds like i'm telling you the whole shabang is SO GOOD that this glimpse of it will "tease" you into wanting to see the rest of it. but. it's the only term that works. so i'm giving a "teaser" because i still have a LOT of blog-catching-up to do before i'm posting regularly and up-to-date! three more weddings to post, before i post all my favorites from today - which was an AMAZING day! meeting with a group of other photographers to photograph three models in bridal gowns in various gorgeous locations in frederick, md., on a bright, crisp autumn day... but i really, really do want to get my site up and running before i settle into a blogging rhythm.

so, for now, here's one of my favorite shots from early on in the day - model ashley, and this is at the frederick MARC station!