juwaria & tawfeeq:

“We had an excellent experience working with Ayesha! She's creative, responsive, professional and enjoys what she does, making it an equally wonderful experience for us. I would highly recommend her for your next photo shoot :)”


umar & wardah:

“A phenomenal photographer who takes every picture with care. Really caters to individual and customizable preferences. We really loved our experience with Ayesha and would recommend her to any wedding event--she is great especially for traditional/Islamic weddings and will personalize the pictures for families so they can truly cherish their experience, just like we did.”


hiba & tamoore:

“Working with Ayesha was such a joy! She handled everything with the utmost professionalism, made us and all the guests feel comfortable and on top of that the photos came out AMAZING. Ayesha is truly a master in her field and we are so thankful to her for making the process leading up to the wedding, the events themselves, and the portrait sessions very seamless.”


kelly & kris:

“We hired Ayesha to photograph our outdoor vineyard wedding and reception, and we cannot rave enough about how talented, professional, and just all around wonderful she is. Ayesha truly has a gift for capturing people in the moment - her pictures really tell a story, and we love how they turned out (as does every guest we’ve shared them with). Ayesha was responsive to the style of photography we were going for (lots of candid shots, people having fun) and the photos are high quality and just beautiful. She also was discreet and respectful throughout the entire event, not in your face like some photographers - we didn’t even know she was there, yet she was everywhere, documenting all the important moments. Bottom line: we cannot recommend Ayesha more highly, and could not be more grateful to her for perfectly capturing our day!”


joya & titu:

“Ayesha did an amazing job on our wedding photographs. For me pictures were one of the most important aspects of the wedding events and Ayesha captured our moments in beautiful photographs which we will cherish for a lifetime. She was very professional and responsive. She was also very flexible and patient and navigated the phone camera (guest photographers) very patiently :) !!!”