frequently asked questions


when will I get my photos, and in what format?

within six weeks after your wedding, you’ll receive a link to a password-protected, downloadable gallery with all your final, edited, hi-res images. afterward you will also receive a custom USB with two sets of the same images – hi-res for printing, and lo-res for online sharing.

can I get the copyright to my photos? what are my rights?

your photos are yours to print, share, and make albums with as you will! copyright is retained by the photographer as per U.S. law, but i’ll provide a signed document detailing your rights to use the images.

do you travel to cover weddings?

absolutely! i'm based in the washington, DC, area, but i regularly travel up and down the east coast, between new jersey and north carolina, and have traveled to new york, boston and california as well. travel fees in addition to the photography package must cover return airline tickets and fees or road mileage, car rentals, accommodation, and associated costs. i'd just like to add that it would be amazing to photograph a wedding in scotland... okay, universe?


are you going to publish my photos on your site, blog, or social media? do I get a say?

running a photography business does necessitate being able to share my work, but my first priority is your trust in me, so we will always work together to come to an agreement in the contract that will make you comfortable.

what’s your booking process?

once we’ve put your package together, i’ll customize the contract based on our agreement, and we’ll sign it online; a deposit of 30% of your package price secures the date. without the signed contract and deposit, the date is still open to other bookings. the remaining 70% of the package price is due three weeks before the wedding.

when should we do our wedding day portraits?

we’ll work together on figuring out the best time with regards to your wedding day schedule, but the best time for outdoor portraits, if we can manage it, is in the last two hours before sunset. but i’ve done them during dinner at night, outside in the dark or inside the venue, midday under the sun – whatever the situation, we’ll make amazing portraits happen!

what’s the right price for a professional photographer? why should we choose you?

there are a ton of options for you to consider when choosing a wedding photographer, and a wide range of prices! it’s important to find what’s right for you. a professional photographer is going to come prepared with everything to make sure she can document your day properly and provide you with the best service – insurance, quality equipment and equipment backups, plenty of memory, backups for your images, experience, confidence, passion, vision, skill, and more. if what you see on my site resonates with you, we should talk or meet up! i’ll be by your side more than any other vendor on your big day, and it’s important to make sure we are a great fit and you are comfortable with both me and my style.


what’s your photography style?

the best way to get a feel for my style is to look through the galleries and blog posts! my goal is to capture your day as it happens -everything from the ambient lighting and details you've so carefully planned to the unscripted moments between friends and family - so i do my best to be unobtrusive, have a small footprint, and let things flow. the only time i direct and set up photos is during couple and family portraits and group photos on stage. 

do you offer albums?

i do! visit my albums page for more information. i think everyone should get an album, because who knows what medium will be cutting-edge when your grandkids want to see your wedding photos? books have been around for a while and i'm confident they'll stick around!

why is all your text in lowercase?

honestly, i started out that way with my first site years ago because it was how i always wrote in my journals when i was a preteen and loved e. e. cummings and also made little circles to dot my i’s… it’s just me. fwiw, my middle-schooler thinks it's unprofessional, but i didn't listen to him.