irfan & naila's walima - richmond wedding photography


so i’ve photographed a few weddings in richmond over the years, since it’s not too far from the DC area. now that i live in central virginia, though, i’m excited to shoot more there, and for my first richmond wedding since we moved, i could not have been more thrilled to meet irfan and naila there for their walima. particularly for their portrait session, which was planned out to cover three different locations (thanks for the drive, farooq!), each with its own spectacular views of the james river and the richmond skyline. after wondering pretty much all my life about the “clock tower” that you drive past on northbound I-95 through richmond, i finally learned that it’s part of the train station there! and i can’t wait to go back and take photos there, too. but for irfan and naila’s walima, we stopped first at the t. tyler potterfield memorial bridge; then, as the sun began to set, we grabbed some quick shots at taylors hill park, and then finally watched the sky darken over libby hill park with some more skyline/sunset portraits. and the evening light was just perfection <3. after the portrait session, irfan’s family hosted the walima at the richmond marriott, where i had the pleasure of seeing a lot of old faces - including four or five former wedding clients of mine! thanks again, irfan and naila, for allowing me to be the one to capture these moments and portraits - i hope they remain beautiful memories for a lifetime!

Ayesha AhmadComment